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It is a tablature editor software that can also play the sheet music / guitar tab for you.
You can slow down the difficult parts, write your own tab ... etc.  (see the video) 

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This is Guitar Pro 6, the latest version we are using now (can create GP5 and PDF files.)
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AA Bondy - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
A Whole New World from Aladdin tab (cover by Osamurai San) (+ GUITAR PRO)
A Whole New World tab (cover by Chamacojesus)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Ahn Jung-jae 'Girl' tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Akihiro Tanaka - Flower tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
All I Want For Christmas Is You tab (fingerstyle)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Andy Timmons Band - She's Leaving Home tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Antonio Banderas - Cancion Del Mariachi tab (solos)  (+ GUITAR PRO)


(the) Bangles - Eternal Flame tab (fingerstyle) (+ GUITAR PRO)
Beatbox Guitar - Little Song Of First Desire tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Beatles - And I Love Her tab (fingerstyle)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Beatles - Because tab (instrumental) (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Beatles - Let It Be tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)

(the) Beatles - Let It Be tab (3 solos by jun626hyper) (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Beatles - Yesterday tab (fingerstyle)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Ben E. King - Stand By Me tab (fingerstyle)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Big Bill Broonzy - Glory Of Love tab (intro)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Billie Joe Spears - Blanket On The Ground tab (instrumental)  (+ GPRO)
Blaze Foley - Clay Pigeons tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Blue Encount - Day X Day tab (lead guitar cover)  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Bob Dylan - Boots Of Spanish Leather tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Bob Marley - Redemption Song tab (fingerstyle)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Bon Iver - Skinny Love tab (fingerstyle)  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Boyce Avenue - God Must Have Spent tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Boyce Avenue ft. Jennel Garcia - Demons tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Burns Ernst - Blueing tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Burns Ernst - The Lonely Shepherd tab (James Last)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Burns Ernst - The Long Road tab (Mark Knopfler cover)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Burns Ernst - Visions tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)


Cacho Tirao - Zorba El Griego tab (fingerstyle)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Cancion Del Mariachi tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Canon Rock Acoustic tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Celino Romero - La Paloma 2 tab (+ GUITAR PRO)
Charlie Parra del Riego - The Game Of Thrones Theme tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Charlie Parra del Riego - Turkish March tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)


Darius Rucker - Homegrown Honey tab (solos)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Darius Rucker - Wagon Wheel tab (country solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Dave Monk - Dream Lover tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
David Locke - Wonderful Tonight tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
David Wayne - Hotel California tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Del Shannon - Runaway tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Dexter Theme tab (cover by Ries Bosman)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Dhalif Ali (dhalif) - A Thousand Years tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Die Toten Hosen - Nur Zu Besuch tab (fingerstyle)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Digimon - La Tabki Ya Saghiri tab (acoustic)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Dolly Parton - Do I Ever Cross Your Mind tab (cover)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Dorothy - After Midnight tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Dougie MacLean - Caledonia tab (+ GUITAR PRO)
Dr. Viossy - Bohemian Rhapsody tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Dylan LeBlanc - Changing Of The Seasons tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)


(the) Eagles - Hotel California tab (solo) (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Eagles - Take It Easy tab (guitar solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Ellert Nordmark - Hopelessly Devoted To You tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Ellert Nordmark - Last Date tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Ellert Nordmark - Lilla Vackra Anna tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Elton John - Can You Feel The Love Tonight tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Elvis Presley - Love Me Tender tab (fingerstyle)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Eminem - Mockingbird guitar tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Ennio Morricone - The Professional tab (acoustic)  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Eric Tingstad - Danza Mora tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Evanescence - My Immortal tab (fingerstyle) (+ GUITAR PRO)
Extreme - More Than Words tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)


(the) Fray - How To Save A Life tab (fingerstyle) (+ GUITAR PRO)
Funtwo - It's OK tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Gabriella Quevedo - All I Want For Christmas Is You tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Gabriella Quevedo - Nothing Else Matters tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Game of Thrones theme tab (Charlie Parra del Riego)  (+ GPRO)
Game of Thrones theme tab (fingerstyle)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Game of Thrones theme tab (Western cover)   (+ GUITAR PRO)
George Harrison - Something tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Gipsy Kings - No Volvere tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
(the) Godfather theme tab (acoustic cover)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Guantanamera tab (fingerstyle) (+ GUITAR PRO)
Gustavo Canabarro - Novos Tempos tab (+ GUITAR PRO)


Hank Marvin - Apache tab (live,2000) (+ GUITAR PRO)
Hansel Pethig - A Whiter Shade Of Pale tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Hansel Pethig - Albatross tab (fingerstyle)  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Hansel Pethig - And I Love Her tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Hansel Pethig - Every Breath You Take tab (fingerstyle)  (+ GUITAR PRO)  
Hansel Pethig - Fields Of Gold tab (fingerstyle)  (+ GUITAR PRO)  
Hansel Pethig - Hallelujah tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Hansel Pethig - Mad World tab   (+ GUITAR PRO)
Hansel Pethig - Redemption Song tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Hansel Pethig - Scarborough Fair tab (fingerstyle)  (+ GUITAR PRO)  
Hansel Pethig - The Boxer tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Heights - How Do You Talk To An Angel tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)


Igor Presnyakov - The Godfather theme tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Imagine Dragons - Demons tab (Boyce Avenue ft. Jennel Garcia)  (+ GPRO)
Imagine Dragons - Demons tab (instrumental cover)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Indonesian Anthem guitar tab (+ GUITAR PRO)
Ivo Cabrera - Blank Space tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Ivo Cabrera - Style tab   (+ GUITAR PRO)
Ivo Cabrera - Thinking Out Loud tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)


Jaman Spake - Reggae Lead Guitar Solo tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Jesse Cook - Shake tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Joe Bonamassa - Bridge to Better Days tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Johannes Linstead - Eleni tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
John 5 - The Castle tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
John Corabi - Hooligan's Holiday tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
John Mayer - Slow Dancing in a Burning Room tab (main riff)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Julie Bergan - Rude tab (acoustic cover)  (+ GUITAR PRO)


Keith Richards - Cocaine Blues tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Kenny Chesney - Anything But Mine tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Kenzie Nimmo - Emma's Lullaby tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Kfir Ochaion - Comfortably Numb tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Klaus Schindler - Yesterday tab (fingerstyle)   (+ GUITAR PRO)


La Fuga - En Vela tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
La Paloma tab (fingerstyle)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Laura Cox - Country Jam tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven solo tab (Thomas75s)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Lord of the Rings - Rohan Theme tab (fingerstyle)   (+ GUITAR PRO)
Love Me Tender tab (fingerstyle)  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Los Lobos - Cancion Del Mariachi tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Los Lonely Boys - Heaven tab (intro)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Luther Vandross - Dance With My Father tab (instrumental) (+ GUITAR PRO)
Lyle Workman and the Forest Rangers - Fortunate Son tab (+ GUITAR PRO)
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama solo tab (solo 2) (+ GUITAR PRO)


Marie-Mai - Je Cours tab (guitar solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Mark Knopfler - The Long Road tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Matchbox Twenty - Unwell tab (fingerstyle)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) MaxiBoni - My Heart Will Go On tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Melvin Chung - Sarinande tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Memory from Cats tab (fingerstyle)  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Metallica - Nothing Else Matters fingerstyle tab (+ GUITAR PRO)
Michael Lucarelli - Canon in D tab   (+ GUITAR PRO)
Michael Lucarelli - The James Bond Theme tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Michael Mucklow - Rain tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Mike Howe - A Long Way To Go tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Mike Poss - Romantic Guitar Instrumental tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Mirai Nikki - Kuusou Mesorogiwi tab (cover by KiKaHo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Moon River tab (fingerstyle)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Morning Sun tab (relaxing guitar music) (+ GUITAR PRO)
My Heart Will Go On tab (fingerstyle)  (+ GUITAR PRO)


Nagaoka Ryosuke - Petrolz tab (from Sleepers film) (+ GUITAR PRO)
Nickel Creek - 21st Of May tab   (+ GUITAR PRO)
Osamurai San - A Whole New World from Aladdin tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Peter Korving - Ajoen Ajoen tab (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Peter Korving - Ave Maria No Morro tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Pink Martini - Ninna Nanna tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Pink Panther theme tab (cover by Hemo)  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Pirates of the Caribbean - The Black Pearl tab (J. Schenk)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Pirates of the Caribbean theme song tab (cover by hemo) (+ GUITAR PRO)
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody tab (fingerstyle Dr. Viossy)  (+ GUITAR PRO)


Relaxing Acoustic Guitar Music tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Riot V - Take Me Back tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Robert Johnson - 32 20 Blues tab (cover)   (+ GUITAR PRO)
Roger Dyke - Streets of London tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Rolling Stones - Carol tab   (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Rolling Stones - Good Time Woman tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Rolling Stones - I'm Free tab (guitar solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Rolling Stones - Let It Rock tab   (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Rolling Stones - Little Queenie tab   (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Rolling Stones - Star Star tab (guitar solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Roy Orbison - California Blue tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Roy Orbison - Only the Lonely tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Rucy - The Bride and Groom tab (main riff)  (+ GUITAR PRO)


Sailors Hornpipe tab (tenor guitar)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Scorpions - I'm Leaving You tab (rhythm cover)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Shadows - Apache tab (live)    (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Shadows - Sleepwalk tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Shadows - Sleepwalk tab (live)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Shadows - Theme For Young Lovers tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Shimmer tab (relaxing guitar music)  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Shirushi tab (cover by Jason Szeto)   (+ GUITAR PRO)
Slash & Myles Kennedy - Back From Cali tab (intro)  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Slash & Myles Kennedy - Starlight tab (live acoustic)  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Snatam Kaur - Ra Ma Da Sa tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Solas - Johnny's Gone For A Soldier tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Spotnicks - Karelia tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Starry Night tab (relaxing guitar music)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Steel Pulse - Your House tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Sting - Fields Of Gold tab (fingerstyle)  (+ GUITAR PRO)


The All American Rejects - It Ends Tonight tab (fingerstyle)  (+ GPRO)
The Rocky Road To Dublin tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Thomas75s - Blues Solo tab    (+ GUITAR PRO)
Thomas75s - Stairway to Heaven solo tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Tool - Right In Two tab (acoustic cover)   (+ GUITAR PRO)
T-Square - Travelers tab (guitar solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)


Vasco Rossi - Tu Vuoi Da Me Qualcosa tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Ventures - House of the Rising Sun tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Ventures - San Antonio Rose tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Warning Light tab (relaxing guitar music)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Willie Nelson - O'er The Waves tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
What A Wonderful World tab (fingerstyle) (+ GUITAR PRO)
Yesterday tab (easy fingerstyle)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Yesterday tab (fingerstyle) (+ GUITAR PRO)
Yiruma - River Flows in You tab (Vichede)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
You'll Never Walk Alone tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Zakk Wylde - Darkest Hour tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Zorba the Greek tab (Cacho Tirao cover)   (+ GUITAR PRO)

1, 2 ...

32 20 Blues tab (Koki Nitobe cover) (+ GUITAR PRO)
アコギでルパン三世のテーマ'80 ソロギター tab (Lupin the third tab)  (+ GPRO)


Somewhere Over The Rainbow ukulele tab (fingerstyle) (+ GUITAR PRO)

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