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What is GTM doing? GTM creates guitar tablatures in Guitar Pro, PDF and txt. formats
Let's suppose you've just seen an amazing guitar video on YouTube like this one:

You'd love to play it properly so you need a good tab ...

And YouTube is full of these outstanding guitar covers ... let's see a few of them:

The fact is: these great musicians don't have time (or just don't want to) tab their playing.
That's OK - but usually beginner guitarists don't have the skills to figure them out.
So they come here ... and this is what they say after using this service:

" My friend,
 You don’t know what big gift you gave me. I really, really appreciate.
This song gives me big emotions.
Thank you so much, Claudio"

" Hey Attila,
This is just so awesome!! I am amazed at the level of care you put into it, the tabs speak for themselves.
Thank you again for all your hard work, this has granted me the ability to learn and play this song which is very significant to me.
It's from the first movie I saw with my wife (girlfriend at that time) 20 years ago :-)
Will definitely use and recommend your services to anyone who needs tabs.
Thanks again!! " (Suresh L.)

" Just got home and tried it out. It was entirely flawless, 
and I appreciate your help more than you know. "  (Austin P.)

" Excellent transcription as always.  Looking forward to new tabs the upcoming year." (Casey C.)

" Wow. I'm super impressed. The tab is on point! 
I'll definitely use yall again when I need help figuring out a tab. 
Is there a place on your website where I can leave feedback? " (Kolby K.)

" You filled in that missing piece and saved me from jumping off the roof! Priceless! 
Makes the song fun again!
I'll bet your a teacher. If not, you should be!
I can't thank you enough!
Great work!!! " (

" That's AMAZING.
Thank you so much - worth every penny.
I'll definitely be using your services again. "  (Mandeep B.)

" Thank you so much, this is a work of art. 
I am half way through and sound like a rock star. 
I tried to figure it out on my own, but could n't do it. 
Your Tabs are an exact match.  Thanks again! " (Johnny H.)

" Once again Attila I am speechless! This is by far one of the most amazing tabs I have ever heard of! Thank you so much for all your hard effort. It has granted me the ability to learn one of my favorite songs! :D " (Brandon H.)

 "Hi Attila
Just tried the tabs - Brilliant !!
Thanks Again

" You're making the world a better place, tab by tab! " (Amadeus H.)

" Thanks Attila, it's nice to see you put this level of care into it, and the tab is
really looking good. I will recommend your service to anyone who needs
a tab. Looking forward to the finished tab, thanks again! " (H. Lee)

" I have to thank you very much for the job you did for me: 
it helped me very much as I don’t have so much time to spend to write down guitar notes. 
" (Giuliano M.)