Electric guitar instrumental covers and tabs in PDF and Guitar Pro formats
Download Gary Moore tabs, Kfir Ochaion tabs, Charlie Parra del Riego tabs and more ...

(Instrumental electric guitar cover songs and tabs - playlist)

Adam Lee - Human Nature tab
Adunbee - In Dreams tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Andrew Dice Clay playing the guitar
Andy Timmons Band - She's Leaving Home tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Angels & Demons - Epic Guitar Rock Cover tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)

Beethoven - Für Elise electric guitar tab

Can't Take My Eyes Off You electric guitar tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Carlos Santana - El Farol tab
Carlos Santana - Europa tab
Carlos Santana - Full Moon tab
Carlos Santana - I Love You Much Too Much tab
Carlos Santana - Moonflower tab (Flor d'Luna tab)
Carlos Santana - Revelations tab
Carlos Santana - Samba Pa Ti tab
Charlie Parra del Riego - Turkish March tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)

David Locke - Imagine tab
David Locke - Wonderful Tonight tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Denis Salgado - Hunting High And Low tab
Denis Salgado - Kiss From A Rose tab
Denis Salgado - Summer Moved On tab
Dhalif Ali (dhalif) - A Thousand Years tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Dr. Viossy - Bohemian Rhapsody tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Dr. Viossy - Long Train Running tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Dragon Ball Z theme electric guitar tab

Eric Clapton - Layla instrumental guitar tab

Fleetwood Mac - Need Your Love So Bad instrumental guitar tab
Funtwo - It's OK tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 

Game of Thrones theme electric tab   (+ GUITAR PRO)
Gary Moore - The Stumble tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
George Harrison - Something instrumental guitar tab   (+ GUITAR PRO)

Happy Birthday Slash tab

Imagine Dragons - Demons electric guitar tab   (+ GUITAR PRO)
Ivo Cabrera - Blank Space tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Ivo Cabrera - Style tab   (+ GUITAR PRO)
Ivo Cabrera - Thinking Out Loud tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)

John Lennon - Imagine instrumental guitar tab
Juliette Valduriez - Lost Paradise tab

Kfir Ochaion - Beautiful tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Kfir Ochaion - Comfortably Numb tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Kfir Ochaion - My Immortal tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Kfir Ochaion - Someone Like You tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)

Laura Cox - Country Jam tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven instrumental guitar tab
Lindsey Stirling - Song Of The Caged Bird electric guitar tab
Love theme from the Godfather electric guitar tab

Michael Jackson - Human Nature instrumental tab
Mike Poss - Romantic Guitar Instrumental tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Mumi Khudayer - My Heart Will Go On electric guitar tab
Muris Varajic - Silent Inner Cry tab

Péter Gráf - Legszebb Gitártéma tab
Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb instrumental guitar tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Pokemon guitar medley tab
Pooh - Dove Comincia Il Sole tab

Queen - Love Of My Life tab (by Brian May himself) 
Queen - We Are The Champions instrumental guitar tab

Rihanna - Unfaithful electric guitar tab
RJ Ronquillo - Eastwood Airline 59 2P Demo tab
Rucy - The Bride and Groom tab (main riff)  (+ GUITAR PRO)

Slash - National Anthem tab (live on Superbowl)
Slash - The Godfather theme solo tab
Steve Terreberry - Careless Whisper tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 

Thomas75s - Blues Solo tab    (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Tico Tico electric guitar tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Titanic Theme electric guitar tab

Victor de Andres - Barbie Girl tab (metal version)

Yiruma - River Flows in You electric guitar tab   (+ GUITAR PRO)

Zoe McCulloch & Mason Williams - Electrical Gas tab 

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