Adam Lee - Human Nature tab (instrumental)
Adunbee - In Dreams tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Aer - Room To Breathe tab
Albert King - The Feeling tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Andrew Dice Clay playing the guitar
Andy Timmons Band - She's Leaving Home tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Angels & Demons - Epic Guitar Rock Cover tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Animals - Boom Boom tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Ave Maria No Morro tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)


B'z - Friction tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Baseballs - Angels intro tab
(the) Baseballs - Umbrella intro tab

BC Rich Avenge Son of Beast Electric guitar tab
The Beatles - If I Fell tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Beatles - In My Life tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Beatles - Let It Be tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Beatles - Let It Be tab (3 solos by jun626hyper) (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Beatles - No Reply tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Beethoven - Für Elise tab (guitar cover by Lai Youttitham)
Big Mama Thornton - Hound Dog tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Big Tom and the Mighty Mainliners - Hornpipes tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Bill Haley - Mambo Rock tab (solo)
Bill Haley - Rock Around The Clock tab
Billie Joe Spears - Blanket On The Ground tab (instrumental)  (+ GPRO)
Billie the Vision & the Dancers - Summercat tab (solo)
Billy Gibbons - Thunderbird tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Billy Idol - Jingle Bell Rock tab
Billy Idol - Let It Snow tab
Billy Idol - Run Rudolph Run tab
Billy Idol - White Christmas tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Billy Idol - Winter Wonderland tab (solos)
Billy Mack - Christmas Is All Around tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Blue Cheese - Uncrowned Queen tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Blue Encount - Day X Day tab (lead guitar cover)  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
(the) Blues Brothers - Jailhouse Rock tab (solo)
(the) Blues Brothers - Sweet Home Chicago tab (solo)
Bob Marley - Chances Are tab
Bob Marley - Concrete Jungle tab (solo)
Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Bob Marley - Soul Captives tab 
Bob Marley - Stir It Up tab (solo)
Bob Marley - Waiting In Vain solo tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Bobby Vee - Take Good Care Of My Baby tab (instrumental)
Bobby Vinton - Mr Lonely tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Bon Jovi - Wanted Dead Or Alive tab (solo)
Buddy Holly - Heartbeat tab
Burns Ernst - A Fool Such As I tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Burns Ernst - Blueing tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Burns Ernst - Country Roads tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Burns Ernst - Don't Forget To Remember tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Burns Ernst - Help Me Make It Through The Night tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Burns Ernst - House of the Rising Sun tab
Burns Ernst - Million Years Ago tab
Burns Ernst - Over the Rainbow tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Burns Ernst - Release Me tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Burns Ernst - Spanish Harlem tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Burns Ernst - Summer Holiday tab
Burns Ernst - The Lonely Shepherd tab (James Last)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Burns Ernst - The Long Road tab (Mark Knopfler cover)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Burns Ernst - Visions tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Burns Ernst - Wheels tab (+ GUITAR PRO)
Burns Ernst - Wonderful Tonight tab (+ GUITAR PRO)


Can't Take My Eyes Off You electric guitar tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Carlos Santana - Black Magic Woman tab (all solos)
Carlos Santana - Corazon Espinado tab (intro solo + main solo)

Carlos Santana - El Farol tab
Carlos Santana - Europa tab
Carlos Santana - Full Moon tab
Carlos Santana - I Love You Much Too Much tab
Carlos Santana - Moonflower tab (Flor d'Luna)
Carlos Santana - Oye Como Va tab  
Carlos Santana - Revelations tab (cover by Stevie Lamont)
Carlos Santana - Samba Pa Ti tab
Carlos Santana - The Game Of Love tab (guitar solo)
Cat Eye - Autumn Leaves tab (lead parts) 
Charlie Parra del Riego - Turkish March tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Chantays - Crystal T tab
Chris Braniff - Night Train tab
Chuck Berry - Johnny B Goode tab
Cliff Richard - I Could Easily Fall In Love With You tab (instrumental) (+ G PRO)
Cliff Richard - Summer Holiday tab
Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall tab (solo)
Commander Cody - Hot Rod Lincoln tab (intro)
(the) Connels - 74 75 tab 
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Hey Tonight tab
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Looking Out My Back Door solo tab


D'Angelo - Untitled (How Does It Feel) tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Darius Rucker - Wagon Wheel tab (country solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Dave Monk - Dream Lover tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Dave Monk - Le Reve (the Dream) tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Dave Monk - Moonlight Shadow tab (+ GUITAR PRO)
Dave Monk - You'll Never Walk Alone tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
David Locke - Imagine tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
David Locke - Wonderful Tonight tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Deep Blue Something - Breakfast At Tiffany's tab
Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Deep Purple - When A Blind Man Cries tab
Del Shannon - Runaway tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Denis Salgado - Hunting High And Low tab
Denis Salgado - Kiss From A Rose tab
Denis Salgado - Summer Moved On tab
Dhalif Ali (dhalif) - A Thousand Years tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Dire Straits - Calling Elvis tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing tab (solos)
Dorothy - After Midnight tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Dorothy - No Church In The Wild tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Dr. Viossy - Long Train Running tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Dragon Ball Z theme solo tab
Duke Robillard - She's Sweet tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)


(the) Eagles - Take It Easy tab (guitar solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
The Electromaniacs - Lagrimas tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
The Electromaniacs - Root Of Love tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Ellert Nordmark - Hopelessly Devoted To You tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Ellert Nordmark - I Remember Elvis Presley tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Ellert Nordmark - Last Date tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Ellert Nordmark - Lilla Vackra Anna tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Ellert Nordmark - Muckartwist tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Elton John - Can You Feel The Love Tonight tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Elvis Presley - I Need Your Love Tonight tab (solo)
Elvis Presley - It's Now or Never tab (instrumental)
Elvis Presley - The Wonder Of You tab (solo)
Eric Clapton - Cocaine solo tab (live in 2004, Crossroads)
Eric Clapton - Crossroads tab (solo, live 2010)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Eric Clapton - Crossroads tab (solo with the white strat)
Eric Clapton - I'm Tore Down tab (solos, live in Hyde Park)
Eric Clapton - I Shot The Sheriff tab (solo, live)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Eric Clapton - Layla tab (instrumental)
Eric Clapton - Layla tab (outro solo)
Eric Clapton - My Fathers Eyes tab (intro solo, live 2007)
Eric Clapton - Old Love solo tab (live at Royal Albert Hall, 1990)
Eric Clapton - Old Love tab (live in Hyde park, 1997) 
Eric Clapton - Slow Down Linda tab (solo)
Eric Clapton - Somebody's Knocking tab (intro)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Eric Clapton - Tulsa Time tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight tab (live in Hyde Park, 1996)


Faith No More - Easy tab (solo)
Fleetwood Mac - Need Your Love So Bad tab (instrumental)
Free - All Right Now tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
FripSide - Hesitation Snow tab
Funtwo - It's OK tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 


Game of Thrones theme tab (Western cover)   (+ GUITAR PRO)
Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues tab (solos)
Gary Moore - The Stumble tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Ger Sanders - Kekasih Ku tab
Green Day - Oh Love tab
Guitar Boogie Breakdown tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Guns N Roses - Don't Cry tab (solo) (+ GUITAR PRO)
Guns N Roses - Knockin' On Heavens Door tab (solos) (+ GUITAR PRO)
Guns N Roses - November Rain tab (solo) (+ GUITAR PRO)
Guns N Roses - Rocket Queen tab (solo)


Hank Marvin - Apache tab (live,2000)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Hank The Knife - Diamonds tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Hank The Knife and the Jets - Guitar King tab (live)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Heights - How Do You Talk To An Angel tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)


Imagine Dragons - Demons tab (instrumental cover)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Ioxsilan - My Heart Will Go On tab (instrumental cover) 
Ivo Cabrera - Blank Space tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Ivo Cabrera - Style tab   (+ GUITAR PRO)
Ivo Cabrera - Thinking Out Loud tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)


Jaman Spake - Reggae Lead Guitar Solo tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Jason Hill - Silence Is Golden tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
JD McPherson - Let The Good Times Roll tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Jean Francois Maurice - Monaco tab (28° a l'ombre)
Jeff Healey - Hoochie Coochie man tab  
Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing tab (solo)
Jimi Hendrix - Lover Man tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Jimmie Vaughan - The Pleasure's All Mine tab (solo, live)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Jimmy Buffet - Bama Breeze tab
Joe Bonamassa - Bridge to Better Days tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Joe Bonamassa - I'll Play The Blues For You tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Joe Bonamassa - Sloe Gin tab (solo, live)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
John Denver - Country Roads tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
John Lennon - Imagine tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
John Mason - End of the World tab (instrumental cover)
John Mason - Magic Carpet tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
John Mayer - Red House tab (intro solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
John Mayer - Slow Dancing in a Burning Room tab (main riff)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
John Mayer - Slow Dancing in a Burning Room tab (live solos)
John Mayer - Worked Up This Combo Bass Line tab (+ GUITAR PRO)
John Petrucci - Alternate picking tab (lesson by Carl Brown) 
Johnny Rivers - Rockin Pneumonia tab (solo)   (+ GUITAR PRO)
Juanes - A Dios Le Pido tab (main riff)
Juanes - Fijate Bien tab
Juanes - La Camisa Negra tab (solo)
Juanes - La Paga tab
Juanes - Me Enamora tab (solo)
Just Walk On By tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)


Kenny Chesney - Anything But Mine tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Kid Rock - All Summer Long tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
(the) Killers - Mr Brightside tab (main riff)
(the) Kooks - She Moves In Her Own Way tab (solo)


La Fuga - En Vela tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Last of the Mohicans tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Laura Cox - Country Jam tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Laura Cox - Country Solo tab (Bias Fx)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Laura Cox - Testing my new Gibson Les Paul tab  
Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven solo tab (Thomas75s)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven tab (instrumental)
Lennart Clerwall - Adagio tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Lenny Kravitz - It Ain't Over Till It's Over tab
Lindsey Stirling - Song Of The Caged Bird tab
Local Hero - Wild Theme tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Love theme from the Godfather tab (Lai Youttitham)
Los Lobos - Come On Let's Go tab (solo) 
Los Lobos - La Bamba tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Los Lobos - Mariachi Suite tab
Los Lonely Boys - Heaven tab (intro)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama solo tab (solo 1) 
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama solo tab (solo 2) (+ GUITAR PRO)


Marcello Calabrese - Stairway To Heaven tab (instrumental)
Mark Allen - Secret Love tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Mark Knopfler - The Long Road tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Marty Schwartz - Blues solo tab (G minor pentatonic stuff)
Marty Schwartz - BB King Thrill Is Gone solo improvisation tab
Marty Schwartz - Classic Blues Riff tab
Marty Schwartz - Major pentatonic solo tab
Mauricio Cailet - Sunset Blvd tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) MaxiBoni - My Heart Will Go On tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Melvin Chung - Sarinande tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Metallica - Nothing Else Matters tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Metallica - Nothing Else Matters awesome intro tab (live)
Michael Jackson - Human Nature tab (instrumental)
Mike Poss - Romantic Guitar Instrumental tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Minami (IOSYS) - Sparking Slash tab
Moonlight Shadow tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Mr Probz - Waves tab
Mumi Khudayer - My Heart Will Go On tab (instrumental)
Muris Varajic - Silent Inner Cry tab


(the) Nightrunners - Idylle tab
Noel Gallagher - Don't Look Back In Anger tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)


O Sole Mio tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Ozielzinho - Hallelujah tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Ozielzinho - Still Loving You tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)


Papa Roach - Last Resort tab
Paul Gilbert - Speed picking lesson tab
Péter Gráf - Legszebb Gitártéma tab
Phil Collins - Easy Lover tab (solo)  
Phil McGarrick - Nine Million Bicycles In Beijing tab
Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Pink Floyd - The Wall tab (solo)
Pokemon guitar medley tab
Pooh - Dove Comincia Il Sole tab (solo)


Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love solo tab
Queen - Love Of My Life tab (by Brian May himself) 
Queen - We Are The Champions tab (instrumental)


The Recalls - Nobody's Guy tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication solo tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge tab
Red River Rock tab (solo) (+ GUITAR PRO)
Richard Sanderson - Reality tab (solo)
Ricky Nelson - Hello Mary Lou tab
Rihanna - Unfaithful tab (instrumental)
Riot V - Take Me Back tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
RJ Ronquillo - Eastwood Airline 59 2P Demo tab
Rob Boekholt - Once tab (+ GUITAR PRO)
RockMilady - Hallelujah tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Rod Stewart - I Am Sailing tab
Rod Stewart - Seems Like a Long Time tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Roger Dyke - Streets of London tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Roger Paulsson - Valla Bay tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Rolling Stones - Carol tab   (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Rolling Stones - Dead Flowers tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Rolling Stones - Don't Stop tab (guitar solo)
(the) Rolling Stones - Honky Tonk Woman tab (solo)
(the) Rolling Stones - Good Time Woman tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Rolling Stones - I'm Free tab (guitar solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Rolling Stones - Let It Rock tab    (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Rolling Stones - Little Queenie tab   (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Rolling Stones - Star Star tab (guitar solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil solo tab (Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out)
(the) Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Roy Orbison - California Blue tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Roy Orbison - Only the Lonely tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Rucy - The Bride and Groom tab (main riff)  (+ GUITAR PRO)


Sandor Hajosi - Russian Dreams tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Scorpions - I'm Leaving You tab (rhythm cover)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Scorpions - Still Loving You tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Shadows - Apache tab (live)    (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Shadows - Happy Birthday tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Shadows - Quartermaster's Stores tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Shadows - Sleepwalk tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Shadows - Theme For Young Lovers tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Egypt Texas tab
Shakin' Arrows - Blue Arrow tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Simple Plan - Save You tab
Skamigo - Sendiri tab (solo)
Slainte Mhath - Ox tab
Slash - In the Summertime solo tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Slash - National Anthem tab (live on Superbowl)
Slash - The Godfather theme solo tab
Spanish Eyes tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Spanish Tango tab (+ GUITAR PRO)
Spin Doctors - Two Princes tab (solo)
Spotnicks - Harry Lime Theme tab
Spotnicks - Johnny Guitar tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Spotnicks - Karelia tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Spotnicks - Old Spinning Wheel tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Steel Pulse - Your House tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
The Steelmen - Still tab
Steve Terreberry - Careless Whisper tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Lookin' Out The Window tab (solo, live)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Mary Had A Little Lamb tab (solo, live)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Sting - Eric Clapton - It's Probably Me tab
Svein Bakken - Barnatro tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)


The Hypnophonics - Scream tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Teencats - Rock'n'Roll Is King tab (solo) (+ GUITAR PRO)
The Locomotions - Till tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
The Mustangs - Pearlfisher tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
The Power Of Love tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
The Rocking Ghosts - Marianne tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
The Ryders - Georgy Girl tab (live in Tilburg)
The Ryders - Secret Love tab (live in 2010)
The Ryders - Sway tab (live in Verden, 2014)
The Square - Travelers tab (guitar solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Thin Lizzy - Whiskey In The Jar tab (lead parts)
Thomas75s - Blues Solo tab    (+ GUITAR PRO) 
Thomas75s - Comfortably Numb solo tab   (+ GUITAR PRO)
Thomas75s - November Rain solo tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Thomas75s - Rocket Queen solo tab
Thomas75s - Stairway to Heaven solo tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Tico Tico tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Titanic Theme tab (cover by Vordrab)
Tom Petty - Full Grown Boy tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Tommy Emmanuel Phil Emmanuel - Shadows medley tab
Tonyshad - Bobby's Girl tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Tonyshad - I Could Easily Fall In Love With You tab (+ GUITAR PRO)
Tracy Chapman & Eric Clapton - Give Me One Reason tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Travis Tritt - Here's A Quarter (call someone who cares) tab


U2 - Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me tab


Vasco Rossi - Tu Vuoi Da Me Qualcosa tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Velvet Revolver - Wish You Were Here tab (live intro)
Velvet Revolver - Wish You Were Here tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Ventures - House of the Rising Sun tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
(the) Ventures - San Antonio Rose tab  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Victor de Andres - Barbie Girl tab (metal version)
Vince Gill - Tulsa Time tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
The Violents - Alpens Ros tab  (+ GUITAR PRO) 
The Violents - Anaconda tab
The Violents - A Closer Walk tab


We Are One (Ole Ola) tab
While My Guitar Gently Weeps tab (fingerstyle)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Whiskey Myers - American Outlaws tab  
Wyclef Jean Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight tab (solo parts)


Yiruma - River Flows in You tab (Vichede)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
You'll Never Walk Alone tab (instrumental)  (+ GUITAR PRO)


Zakk Wylde - Forever Down tab (solo)  (+ GUITAR PRO)
Zoe McCulloch & Mason Williams - Electrical Gas tab